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AI-powered coaching to improve communication skills.

Introducing GetMee, the personal AI coach that teaches users to speak more clearly, directly and effectively.

Improve Your Communication Skills and Become the Person Employers Would Love to Work With!

Introducing A Powerful New Breakthrough Technology That Helps You Communicate More Clearly, Directly And Effectively.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you a migrant or student and English is your second language? Ineffective communication is limiting you and you:

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then there’s a good chance you’ll be brushed aside by potential employers for someone who has a tiny fraction of your technical ability. Neglecting your communication skills is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. But, here’s the good news..

Introducing: ‘GetMee’ — the world’s first communication and personal development coach for mobile devices.

GetMee is a self-learning, AI-powered coach that gives its users (and members of your team) the tools to become better communicators and extraordinary versions of themselves, so the organisations they work for and communities they are in, will thrive.

It’s a truly systematic and methodical way of understanding how someone communicates.


Each user has a unique experience and programme
tailored to their needs.

Secure and Private

Your data stays with you on your device, giving you complete privacy and peace of mind.

Innovative Technology

Our product uses a proprietary algorithm developed by
our experts.


Set your goals

Download the getmee app from Google Play Store or App Store. Once you sign- up you will be able to set your goals and allow our algorithm to understand your personalitycommunication and professional goals.


Our AI privately
observes your
communication style

Our algorithm will privately observe how you communicate and express yourself using our proprietary methodology that was developed by our team of highly respected experts in
behavioural therapy, psychology, privacy and artificial intelligence.


Your blueprint

Based on your individual communication styles, we provide you with a Communication Blueprint. Our AI tailors the feedback specifically for you and helps you based on your areas for improvement.


Learn and improve like never before

Follow the programmes recommended by our app. Just like a personal coach our AI keeps learning more about your communication patterns and expressions. Thus, over time, our AI improves its recommendations and tailors programmes to help you succeed.

Here’s what GetMee can do for you:

Let’s look at how else GetMee will
benefit your career


You’ll no longer be overlooked

GetMee will help you showcase your hidden talents now you’re able to communicate clearly with your colleagues. As a result, you’ll come across as the best person for the job, help slash project turnaround time and increase productivity.


Ascend to the top, fast!

Getmee will quickly develop your communication skills and emotional intelligence, and that means your chances of securing jobs, promotions and ascending to the highest levels of leadership in corporations will skyrocket!


Resolve problems quicker

You aren’t always going to see eye to eye with your peers… But, GetMee will help improve individual communication patterns and make the workplace environment much more cohesive, productive and pleasant for everyone.


Increased efficiency

Poor communication compromises efficiency, as well as the overall quality of work. GetMee will you understand instructions more accurately and keep mistakes to a minimum.


Increased engagement

GetMee goes far beyond just talking; it’ll also help you connect and engage emotionally and socially with everyone.


Bond with your teammates.

You’ll soon find that you’re much more enthused to collaborate with your team. You’ll contribute to a much more enjoyable workplace… where you’re hungry to perform… and… not let your co-workers down.


You will soon notice a sharp boost in your confidence

because you no longer fear communicating your thoughts and ideas out of fear of being rejected. As a result, you’ll feel encouraged to be more creative, innovative within the workplace and confident sharing your ideas.

Helps me articulate my ideas clearly. I greatly benefit from using GetMee. It helps me communicate my ideas and thoughts clearly to my team at work. Practicing with the AI coach is easy and fun.
Ally Kim
Project Manager
My experience with GetMee is great. I have been learning from it since the early beta version. The most enjoyable part of the app is how it lets me read and gives me feedback on my skills.
Nova Maulana
Business Manager
This app is looking good. I work with individuals to help with their communication skills. Will use it in my coaching.
Looks good
Communication Coach
on 13 November 2021
Great idea and real value for succinct clear communications that helps grow relationships.
Game changer for communications
on 09 March 2022
Lots of good videos. Really helpful for selfdevelopment.
Love the video
on 05 March 2022
I’m not a student but I’ve been using Getmee on my overseas contractors I engage for my digital business. I’ve noticed that communication is now a lot more easier. They are less ridged, pronounce words a lot better and more confident. It has also helped me with pronunciation 🙂 5 stars for me, this app works, it’s cheap and very simple to use.
Significant improvement in communication
on 13 April 2022

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