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A communication and personal development technology company.

Our Vision

Help people become better communicators and amazing versions of themselves so the organisations they work for and communities they are in, will thrive.

Our Mission

To make personal development easy, accessible and affordable to everyone. Get Mee gives businesses and people the tools to develop their communication and emotional performance.

What Makes GetMee So Special?

Objective coach

GetMee is objective and the feedback is what you need to hear to improve.

Personal and private

GetMee AI is a private and personal coach in your pocket.

Progressive and empowering

GetMee is empowering you as you learn essential skills for work and life.

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Meet Our Team


Balendran Thavarajah

Founder and CEO

Dianne Virginia Judge

Commercial Advisor
Julia black and white

Julia Stephenson

Business Development Manager
mehboob black and white1

Mehaboob Unnisa Begum

Quality Assurance and Customer Success Analyst

Anoushka Gungadin


Dr. Govand Azeez

Head of Research / Director

Suzanne Northey

Advisor, Behavioural Therapy & Phychology

Anwar Mohammad

Head of Operations / Director

Greg Wright

Technology Advisor

Ravi Teja

Technology Advisor

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Julia Stephenson

Business Development Manager

Julia Stephenson is a Business Development Manager with experience in Sales and Marketing with a background in Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Marketing from the Virginia Commonwealth University.

She was working in Los Angeles during the e-commerce boom for companies like Fred Segal and American Apparel. She helped them grow their e-commerce trade to international commercial success.

As a daughter of immigrants and an immigrant to Australia herself, Julia’s genuine passion for communication, personal development, technology and business has led her to become a perfect fit for GetMee- helping them grow from the ground up. With over 10 years in the digital marketing industry, Julia is an expert at understanding how to present company brands to their fullest potential through content and social media strategies.

Through personal connection and innovative business development strategies, Julia’s mission is to help others succeed through communication and personal growth as a result.

Mehaboob Unnisa Begum

Quality Assurance and Customer Success Analyst

Mehaboob Unnisa Begum is a Quality Assurance and Customer Success Analyst with experience in Customer Support and Mentoring with a background in Information Technology. She received her Masters in Information Technology (Cybersecurity) from the Swinburne University of Technology, with a 3.7 GPA.

Mehaboob’s passion for technology led her to work as a GetMee intern, where she helps ensure that GETMEE’s products are of the highest quality possible. Prior to joining GETMEE, Mehaboob worked for Amazon for over two years handling US customer support. Her outstanding performance during her internship landed her a full-time position here at GETMEE, where she continues to gain valuable experience in this field.

Mehaboob’s knowledge of quality assurance is essential for our customer’s experience and for keeping customers happy. Her interaction with the customers helps us improve the product based on the changing needs of the customer, always ensuring we’re offering a valuable experience.

Anwar Mohammad

Head of Operations / Director

Anwar is a successful entrepreneur, with a diverse portfolio of businesses he has founded over the last 15 years. His ability to see business opportunities, build teams to execute on his vision and dedication to his customers are key to his enduring business success.  Anwar’s previous experience included roles with international property conglomerate Carlson Group and Commonwealth Bank of Australia, where he became an award-winning member of their Wealth Management Division.

Anwar believes passion, hard work, and risk-taking are important ingredients for any entrepreneur.

In the last 10 years, Anwar has founded successful businesses in the automotive, legal, and wine industries, with a combined annual turnover of over $18 million. He successfully exited recently from his Wine business when it was acquired by a larger player. 

Anwar’s biggest passion is his family. When he’s not spending quality time with his wife and two children, he indulges in foreign-exchange trading with EasyMarket – Australia. 

Anwar holds a Bachelor of Business degree from the Central Queensland University and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Bangladesh.